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The DCHJ Group, founded in 2011 in Portugal, has evidenced since then all its strength and competence by entering a fully decapitalized market and without perspectives of recovery, as confirmed in the following years.

However, and thanks to the young but experienced administration in different civil construction areas, and a dedicated and highly skilled work force, DCHJ was able to not only be strongly active in the market, but also contradict all negative statistics disclosed almost on a daily basis, being able to grow in a steady and sustained manner.

The focus of DCHJ in Portugal targeted a business niche fully oriented to the area of rehabilitation and remodelling of all sorts of buildings, having a Class IV permit that allows us to perform any type of work always within the legal framework.

In 2012 the DCHJ Group, after its consolidation in Portugal, started its internationalization process entering the Belgian market as subcontractor for reinforced concrete and masonry structures, where it showed all its expertise and competence, and we can state today that we have a strong presence and a growing market share, in addition to a significant group of relevant clients in the demanding Belgian market, achieved thanks to a huge work effort, competence and implementation of a human resources policy adapted to the requirements of the Portuguese and Belgian markets.

The DCHJ Group has been developing its activity in different markets always with a well predefined goal: Pro-activity; Safety; Efficacy; Quality; Professionalism and Promptness.

We are aware that work deadlines are the basis for success and in that field we are always "a step ahead".

But DCHJ mission does not end with the entry in the Belgian Market. In the future, and considering the expertise gained and having as base sustainability, the DCHJ group plans to enter new markets.

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