July 2015

DCHJ group is one of the exporters

DCHJ Group goes straight into the Top 10 of the most exporting companies.

July 2015

DCHJ group rehabilitates building with authorization from MFA

DCHJ group removal and replacement of a building roof, as well as rehabilitation.

July 2015

Foz Tua Dam

Foz Tua dam, the top quota of water intake

May 2015

DCHJ group manages another contract in Belgium

DCHJ Group gets another contract in Belgium to build a Mithra pharmaceutical.

April 2015

Provinciehuis Project

Beginning of the works in the emblematic project in the centre of Antwerp.

December 2014

DCHJ group redevelop its permit for Class 4

DCHJ group grows having a reclassification of its charter which is now in Class 4.

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