Privacy Policy

This data privacy statement applies particularly and exclusively to DCHJ’s service.

The Internet is an amazing communication tool. Every day we see its growing relevance in our lives as a simple mouse click brings the world to our fingertips. People get closer and experiences are widely disseminated. Evolution of society is nowadays galloping.

Considering all this, and so that we can all trust increasingly more in this media, it is important for DCHJ that all service users and visitors of its web pages be ensured of the confidentiality regarding their data.

When a name, address, telephone number, education, and other items, are requested, the purpose is to create a closer relationship with our users. With this record, we will address you by your name, being closer to you and we can respond to your needs or requests with greater efficacy.

If for any reason, feels the need to update its privacy policy, you will be the first to be notified of that fact.

DCHJ ensures that this information WILL NOT be used in any list for promotional purposes via email or phone, nor will it be disclosed to any other organization or company. DCHJ undertakes to protect your privacy and will endeavour to ensure that a sufficiently effective technology is used so that your experience becomes safer everyday and your web relations are increasingly protected.

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